Learn Kintsugi Online with Tsugu Tsugu !

Learn Kintsugi Online with Tsugu Tsugu !

Online Kintsugi Lessons with Tsugu Tsugu

Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in kintsugi. Used in Japan for centuries to restore damaged pieces of ceramics, kintsugi has grown to become an art form well-known worldwide.

However, despite kintsugi's popularity, finding courses to get started with kintsugi may be a challenge depending on where you live. In addition, finding the appropriate material is not always easy either.

At Tsugu Tsugu, we aim at making traditional kintsugi more accessible and that it is why we have decided to start offering online kintsugi lessons in English. The lessons are taught over Zoom and are suitable for beginners and experienced kintsugi practitioners. Each lesson is customized according to the needs of the student.

In order to be able to teach kintsugi smoothly, it is necessary for us to know which ingredients you are using. Without the adequate tools, it is not possible to have a neat end result. That is why we request each of our online students to purchase one of our TSUGUKITs before booking an online lesson.

Each TSUGUKIT includes all the essential ingredients you need to get started with kintsugi. We have broken down the kintsugi repair process into 5 easy steps that are easy to follow for complete beginners.

Please note that each artisan has their own preferences when it comes to techniques and ingredients used for repair. For beginners, we use the techniques included in the instruction manual of the TSUGUKIT, but please let us know if you have any special requests.

Who Can Take Part in Online Kintsugi Lessons?

Our online kintsugi lessons are recommended for the people who:

  • would like to start kintsugi from scratch
  • are unable to come to our studios in Tokyo
  • would like to learn one particular kintsugi technique
  • would like to get advised on a particular kintsugi project

What Is the Contents of the Online Workshops?

Our one-hour online kintsugi lesson looks like this:

  • 20 mins: explanation of the basics / introduction to the history of kintsugi
  • 35 mins: kintsugi restoration step by step and Q&A
  • 5 mins: Cleaning of the tools used

Who Is in Charge of Online Kintsugi Lessons at Tsugu Tsugu ?

Yuki Matano, the founder and CEO of Tsugu Tsugu, is in charge of all online lessons taught in English. Born in Osaka, in central Japan, Yuki has also lived in Canada and Germany. She can speak Japanese, English, and German. With a background in pharmacy, Yuki worked for several years in sales for major pharmaceutical companies before starting Tsugu Tsugu, a company dedicated to the art of kintsugi.

Within the last 14 years, Yuki has moved 14 times. With time, Yuki has slowly come to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Instead of owning a tremendous amount of cheap goods, Yuki now enjoys focusing on items that are truly meaningful for her. However, she also soon realized how painful it could be to see objects you hold dear end up broken or damaged. When Yuki discovered kintsugi, it immediately resonated with her. She decided to quit her job and learn kintsugi. 

After her kintsugi training, Yuki decided to share her love of kintsugi and created Tsugu Tsugu Inc. With this company, Yuki hopes to show the beauty of kintsugi and help people cherish objects they hold dear for as long as possible.

How Can You Book an Online Lesson ?

Before booking a lesson on our website, we would recommend you to contact us by e-mail and tell us your time zone and the times of the week you are available.

Please note that Tsugu Tsugu is located in Japan, which is in the time zone GMT+9. We are pretty flexible, but please understand that we may not always be able to accommodate all time zones.

Each private lesson online costs at the moment 54 USD. Please note that taxes can apply depending on your country. In addition, you will need to purchase a TSUGUKIT before your lesson.

If you have not purchased a TSUGUKIT yet, we would advise you to contact us at least 2 weeks in advance so that we have the time to set a date for your first lesson and ship your kintsugi kit to you by then.

You can reach us at the following address: info@kintsugi-girl.com

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