Policy on media coverage request of kintsugi and Tsugu Tsugu Inc.

Policy on media coverage request of kintsugi and Tsugu Tsugu Inc.

Thank you very much for your interest in kintsugi, a traditional Japanese technique, and in our company.

As our company is engaged in business activities to spread the charm of kintsugi not only in Japan but also all over the world, we would like to cooperate as much as possible in filming and interviewing.

Recently, however, we have been receiving personal requests for "free photography" and requests to provide only kintsugi photos to media unrelated to our company.

Our kintsugi repair service currently has a one-year waiting list, and our kintsugi professionals are working hard to repair kintsugi as quickly as possible to return the finished product to the customers.

For this reason, we established certain policies regarding cooperation in interviews and photographing/filming. We would appreciate your understanding.

How to request an interview and photographing/filming to Tsugu Tsugu Inc.?

Please contact us by email first. (Please refrain from calling)

Please include following information:

  1. Purpose of the interview, summary, and media in which it will be published
  2. Desired date, time, and period
  3. Amount of gratuity

If you really need to call us directly for more information, we will call you later, so please write your Japanese phone number.

Cost-free coverage

  1. If you would like to post a link to our website and introduce us on an external website (We do not pay for external articles, and please do not use the free listing as an opportunity for sales.)
  2. Some media, such as television and newspapers, may be able to discount or waive fees. However, we would be very grateful if you would offer a gratuity to the kintsugi professionals and staff who give their time to cooperate with your interviews and filming. Please contact us to know if your case is applicable.
  3. If you book and experience our classes/workshops yourself and take photos or videos of only yourself, there is no problem. The following policy applies only to filming involving our staff or other customers.

Cost incurred coverage

Minimum fee 22,000 yen (including tax)

Additional fee for longer coverage

If you wish to include our customers in our kintsugi classes, workshops, or repairs, we will need to arrange a schedule and obtain prior permission from all of the customers. An additional fee of 11,000 yen will be charged for the arrangement.

We do not charge an additional fee for filming our kintsugi professionals at work, but we will charge an additional fee for materials if a large amount of materials such as gold powder are used for the filming.

If the interviewer wishes to take a kintsugi workshop or purchase items such as kintsugi vessels, a fee will be added according to the number of participants and items purchased.

Interviews with CEO Yuki.M will be charged at an interview fee based on time and labor.

The above amounts are subject to change without notice depending on the labor placed on our staff and the volume of future requests for coverage.

However, we will do our best to accommodate you.

We cannot accept the following request

  • We cannot accept requests to provide only photographs without our credit.
  • Even with our credit, we cannot accept requests to provide our company's photographs as images of other companies or activities.

Thank you for your understanding.

Email: info@kintsugi-girl.com

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