The Japanese Government Showcases Tsugu Tsugu's Work Online

The Japanese Government Showcases Tsugu Tsugu's Work Online

The Japanese Government Showcases Tsugu Tsugu's Work Online

The Government of Japan has featured Yuki Matano, the founder and CEO of Tsugu Tsugu Inc., on its official Facebook and Linkedin pages ! We are very grateful towards the Japanese Government for highlighting our work and we feel more motivated than ever to pursue our efforts to share our passion for kintsugi with the world.

Tsugu Tsugu was created in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Not really the best time to start a company, you may think, but Tsugu Tsugu’s original kintsugi kit, the TSUGUKIT, could quickly grab the attention of people looking to make the best use of their time spent at home. Months passed. Since there was a clear demand for in person kintsugi classes, Tsugu Tsugu opened its first studio in Ebisu. In 2022, a second studio was opened in Asakusa.

Tsugu Tsugu Ebisu Studio

With kintsugi, objects that were close to ending up in the trashcan are turned into valuable pieces of art that can be used in your daily life. Kintsugi is not only used to repair fancy ceramics. Be it a handmade cup received for Mother's Day or a green plate inherited from your belated aunt, they can all be revived and reused thanks to the magic of traditional kintsugi.

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Kintsugi also raises a lot of questions. Instead of buying new things, what if we had a look at all the objects we already have and treasured them ? And, instead of throwing away objects as soon as they are slightly scratched, what if we learned to repair them and also appreciate their flaws as part of their beauty ? Changing one's lifestyle is far from being easy, but kintsugi can help reframe our thinking process and strive for change.

Chipped Plates Repaired with Kintsugi

Traditional kintsugi, which is based on the use of natural lacquer, is a slow process. This may seem to be a considerable constraint when you first hear about it but, based on the feedback of our students, it is actually a blessing in disguise. Kintsugi forces you to slow down. In a society where we are so used to going fast, taking it slow can have a real soothing effect on the mind.

At Tsugu Tsugu, we are convinced that getting started with kintsugi repair is a great way to shift your lifestyle towards a more sustainable, conscious and serene way of living.

We feel very honored to receive the support of the Japanese Government in our endeavors. We have a lot of projects in store to share the unique beauty and transformative power of kintsugi in Japan and abroad. We cannot wait to share them all with your. Be sure to stay tuned.


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