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Food safe Kintsugi repair kit - Starter TSUGUKIT - (Traditional Japanese urushi lacquer and 0.1 g of Genuine 23 kt Gold Powder included)

Food safe Kintsugi repair kit - Starter TSUGUKIT - (Traditional Japanese urushi lacquer and 0.1 g of Genuine 23 kt Gold Powder included)

The Starter TSUGUKIT Contains 0.1 g of 23kt Gold

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The Starter TSUGUKIT is the perfect choice for those who are just beginning their journey in the art of traditional kintsugi. It contains all the natural, food-safe materials you need to repair and restore your cherished dishes, as well as an instruction manual with clear, easy-to-follow steps. And if you need a little extra help along the way, we've got you covered with additional resources on our website and YouTube channel.


  • genuine gold powder (0.1 g)
  • 1silk ball
  • raw urushi (30 g)
  • wood/polishing powder (approx. 8 ml)
  • black/bengal red powder (approx. 3 ml)
  • fine-point brush
  • plastic spatula
  • bamboo spatula
  • one pallet
  • one dropper
  • waterproof sandpaper
  • sandpaper
  • masking tapea
  • pair of rubber gloves (Japanese M size)
  • kintsugi manual

- Traditional TSUGUKIT size 23.3 cm x 11.3 cm x 3.0 cm

Use With Caution

- It's important to note that the raw urushi lacquer provided in our kit can cause skin irritation and rashes when it comes into direct contact with the skin. That's why we strongly recommend using rubber gloves and wearing long sleeves when doing kintsugi.

- If you do experience a rash while using our kit, please stop using it immediately and seek medical advice. We want to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience with kintsugi.

Worldwide Shipping

While we do our best to get your Starter TSUGUKIT to you as quickly as possible, we understand that there may be unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays, such as transportation issues, customs clearance, or unexpected events like natural disasters or wars. We hope you understand that these things are beyond our control.

Please note that you may be responsible for paying local import taxes and fees, and we are unable to ship to P.O. boxes. If you have any questions about import taxes, IOSS system, returns, or refunds, please refer to our shipping policy for more information.


1. While waiting for the Starter TSUGUKIT to arrive, what should I prepare? 
Tissues, one pair of scissors, utility knife, all-purpose flour, oil (canola or salad oil), water, additional rubber gloves, ethanol for disinfection use (+/- 70°), an urushi box (carton, wooden or plastic box which can be closed with a lid), plastic wrap and rubber bands if applicable.

2. How many items can I repair with the Starter Kit?
- It is difficult to say exactly how many items can be repaired with the Starter TSUGUKIT, as each item may be different. However, it should be enough to repair one or two plates.

- If you have more items to repair or need a larger quantity of gold powder, you can consider purchasing the Traditional TSUGUKIT or Gold Only TSUGUKIT, or buying 0.3 g gold powder refill in advance.

- In addition, silver food-safe finishing powder is also available. You can also find finishing powders at hardware stores, but be sure to check that they are food-safe before purchasing. *All TSUGUKIT products are made from natural, food-safe materials.

Our features

  • Developed by the world's number one kintsugi specialist for ease of use.
  • Expert support available at any time.
  • Delivery is usually within 7 days.
  • Contains food-safe materials.

As you take the time to carefully mend your broken pieces with love, you'll not only be able to continue using them for years to come, but you'll also deepen your connection to these special items. The process is worth it – and with the Starter TSUGUKIT by your side, you'll have everything you need to get started.

Kintsugi is a beautiful and unique way to repair broken items. Instead of trying to hide the cracks, this technique actually highlights them with gold, making the repaired item even more precious and one-of-a-kind. It can even turn into a true work of art! If you have a special item that has been broken, consider using kintsugi to give it a special touch and continue using it for years to come.

At Tsugu Tsugu, we are the number one kintsugi specialist company in the world, and we are dedicated to sharing the beautiful art of traditional kintsugi with others. We offer detailed instructions on YouTube, our website, and in our instruction manual, so even beginners can confidently try kintsugi. Our TSUGUKIT contains all natural, food-safe materials, unlike many other kintsugi kits that use cheaper, synthetic materials.

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What is Kintsugi?

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese art form that originated in the 15th century, and it's been around for over 500 years. When a cherished piece of pottery or porcelain breaks, Kintsugi specialists repair it using natural materials such as genuine lacquer and then decorate the repair marks with gold or silver to make them stand out instead of trying to hide them. Rather, we should allow cracks and blemishes in our belongings to shine and tell a story of their own. The result is an object that's more beautiful than before it was broken, and uniquely valuable because of its history. This is the kintsugi philosophy.

We Are Kintsugi Specialists

Tsugu Tsugu is proud to be part of this ancient tradition—we use only natural materials for our kintsugi repairs. We know where beginners tend to get stuck in the process because we receive so many repairs every day and have taught kintsugi classes for years. That's why our products are filled with educational information and easy-to-understand instructions, along with YouTube videos on the proper way to perform authentic kintsugi. Our goal is to help people around the world successfully perform authentic kintsugi and enjoy a long and prosperous life with their beautiful and favorite pottery.

About Tsugu Tsugu

At Tsugu Tsugu, we are proud to offer kintsugi classes almost every day so that you can share in the fascination of restoring broken pottery.

We believe that there's something special about a piece of broken pottery—it's not just an object that needs to be thrown away, but rather it becomes a treasure once repaired with gold or silver lacquer and put back together. We want to make sure that as many people as possible get to experience this ancient Japanese technique and feel the same joy we do when we see our customers' faces light up with excitement.

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